Women’s health Victoria flies violence prevention flag in London
Thursday, 22 March 2012 09:43

Women's Health Victoria is excited to be taking part in a global effort to end violence against women.

Women's Health Victoria is speaking in London at the Peace One Day media launch of the Day of Truce 2012 Campaign to reduce domestic violence, which is hosted by actor Jude Law.

A partnership between UK organisation Peace One Day and the Eliminate Domestic Violence Global Foundation will bring together a coalition dedicated to reducing domestic violence worldwide on the Day of Truce on 21 September 2012.

On that day, Women's Health Victoria will be joining other organisations across the globe to mobilise our resources and networks to reach the goal of the largest ever reduction of violence on any one day in the history of the world.

Executive Director of Women's Health Victoria, Ms Rita Butera, says, 'Women's Health Victoria is pleased to be speaking at the Reducing Domestic Violence event in London. We will be urging employers to consider workplace-based programs that address family violence.'

Women's Health Victoria has developed a whole-of-company workplace program, Take a Stand against Domestic Violence©: It's Everyone'sBusiness, which has successfully demonstrated that business has a role to play in the prevention of violence against women.

'By challenging violence-promoting attitudes and by supporting staff who may be experiencing family violence, we make our workplaces safer and more respectful, thereby enhancing productivity', said Ms Butera.

'In our experience, when organisations and individuals have the tools and the courage to stand up against violence, change is possible," Ms Butera said.