Don't stand by, stand up
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 15:42

The Inspire Foundation's online youth mental health service, ReachOut, and the Australian Humans Rights Commission launched a national campaign that calls on young people to create an anti-bullying pledge that highlights the importance of the bystander in preventing bullying.

The 'Don't Stand By, Stand Up' campaign encourages young people to stand up to bullies, stand up for their friends, and stand up for other young people who are being bullied by creating an anti-bullying pledge and uploading it to the ReachOut facebook page.

Entries can be submitted as either an image or as words. Pledges are then voted on, and the five entrants with the highest votes each win a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher. Their statements will also be featured on ReachOut and Australian Human Rights Commission promotional materials.

23-year-old ReachOut Youth Ambassador, Rosie, said, "I wish I had some advice about what to do when I was at school witnessing horrible bullying. It's hurtful, it's shameful, and I want the world to stand against it. I want those who are affected by it not to suffer in silence, and for those who witness it to feel they can do something that will put an end to it."

The Australian Human Rights Commission's Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, said, "The role of the bystander, in standing up against bullying and harassment, is an incredibly important and powerful one. Young people need to be aware that it is not only about standing up for the human rights of others, it is about being able to do so in a safe way."

ReachOut has fact sheets developed in collaboration with the Australian Human Rights Commission on how to deal with bullying, information on young people's rights, and links and numbers on where to find help.