What to do if your child is being cyberbullied
Friday, 18 March 2011 10:44
With recent discussion in the media about cyberbullying and internet safety for children, the ACMA thought it timely to remind parents, teenagers and young people on how to stay safe online.

hand_keyboard_STWhat does cyberbullying look like?

  • Abusive texts and emails
  • Imitating others online
  • Excluding others online
  • Posting unkind messages or inappropriate images on social networking sites

So what do I do if I am being cyberbullied?

  • STOP and block
  • Do not reply to a bully
  • Click the REPORT abuse button or flag
  • Block the bully
  • Customise your privacy settings
  • TELL a trusted adult
  • Collect evidence
  • KEEP mobile phone messages with a trusted adult - don't keep reading them
  • Print emails and social networking conversations and give them to a trusted adult - don't keep reading them

How do I keep safe on social networking sites?

  • Go to www.cybersmart.gov.au/teens
  • Remove flirty photos and nicknames
  • Don't friend people who make you feel uncomfortable
  • Remove mobile phone numbers
  • Remove suburb/town if you have your surname
  • Set your site to private

Where can I get help?


  • The problem won't necessarily get out of control if reported
  • The technology won't necessarily be taken away from you if you report it
  • Schools or parents can make a difference

So how do I protect my child online?

  • Go to www.cybersmart.gov.au/parents
  • Make digital issues part of everyday conversation
  • Put in place the safe steps to make social networking sites safe
  • Don't be afraid to try technologies for yourself
  • Communicate with other parents and teachers
  • Collect the evidence if your child is being cyber bullied

Source: www.findhelp.com.au