Diana Zreik -
Law is my passion, my salvation, my journey and my vocation. It has enriched my mind and developed many skills which I use in my day to day living.

What do you want to be when you grow up? The age old question, which I replied to quite recklessly…a Lawyer. And the pursuit of my dream began.

Law is my passion, my salvation, my journey and my vocation. It has enriched my mind and developed many skills which I use in my day to day living.

I love the idea of solving problems, upholding the law and most importantly helping people. As each day begins, I know that a new challenge will arise and this drives me and fuels my love of this profession. The sense of reward, gratification and satisfaction at the end of my working day is immense.

Whilst studying at university I thought it sensible to obtain experience working in the legal sector. I clerked at a couple of firms before commencing work at Jackson Smith. I started working at Jackson Smith in about October 2002. There are two partners, Peter Jackson and Gregory Smith. I was employed by Peter to work on his team as his personal assistant during the time that his already employed assistant was on annual leave. I continued to work for Peter as a legal clerk once his assistant returned to work. In April 2004, Peter offered me a solicitor position at the firm which I happily accepted.

I am very thankful to have found employment in a firm such as Jackson Smith. Peter and all the staff are very friendly, helpful and trustworthy. It's a small firm and we all get along very well with one another. I spend a lot of time with my work colleagues, I can't help but consider them like family.

My employment at Jackson Smith has given me the opportunity to be involved in and have carriage of very interesting and challenging types of matters. There is no room for error as I deal with real situations. The type of matters I have conduct of are of a commercial and corporate nature, mainly relating to banking and finance.

One matter which I had carriage of involved a banking institution. My clients were the borrowers. My clients borrowed money from the Bank and as security for the monies loaned, the Bank took a first registered mortgage over a number of small properties my clients owned. Unfortunately, my clients defaulted on the loan repayments and after issuing the appropriate Notices, the Bank took possession of their properties and sold them as mortgagee in possession.

My clients made a claim for damages against the Bank as a result of the Bank selling the properties at undervalue. These proceedings were conducted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The Bank and my clients entered into settlement negotiations before the Hearing of the proceedings and the parties successfully reached a satisfactory settlement.

I have a vast range of clients, some are corporate, others are lay individuals and some are farmers. I have been involved in a number of Farm Debt Mediation matters. These types of matters involve a piece of legislation that governs a creditor from taking enforcement action against a farmer in respect of a farm mortgage. The legislation is called Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994. Almost all of my farmer clients elect to have their matter mediated. Accordingly, much of my negotiating and problem solving skills are required in order to assist the parties to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement.

I strive to give my clients nothing less than what they expect. Perfection.

Who knows what the future holds but I look forward to what it will bring and I know that my career will only get better. The skies the limit.